A stylish baby Sip & See

Not feeling up for a baby shower near the end of your pregnancy? No worries! Have a baby sip & see after the baby is born instead! A sip & see it is more likely to have both male and female guests, so perhaps your partner can step in and watch the baby for a little while, so you can catch up with friends and family.

A good reason for having a sip & see is that all of your friends and family gets to se your new bundle of joy – all at once!

I saw this stylish and modern Sip & See over at Half Baked and had to smile when I saw the theme: Milkaholic, because my husband and I used to call our daughter “the little milk monster” because she drank so much milk as an infant.

This theme is also easily adapted to both a girl and a boy, just switch the turquoise with a shade of pink, and you’re on track for a girly sip & see!

The big “milkaholic” sign is so decorative! It helps draw the whole theme together

Love the small milk bottles, so clever! And the framed card with the baby’s name in the same style as the “milkaholic” logo was a very nice touch!

Be sure to check out Half Baked on Etsy as well!

Anyone of you who’ve ditched the baby shower and gone for a Sip & See?


2 thoughts on “A stylish baby Sip & See

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