Friday Feast

This Friday Feast is a bloody one: I’ve already written a post about Halloween inspired food, but when i found this horrifying dish here, at this wonderful blog, I just had to make another:

How about some finger food for Halloween?

Start by making a pizza dough. Use your regular one, and if you don’t have a “regular” – look at this one.

Roll out the dough and cut one end to get the effect of a cut off finger. Place dough on a baking tray covered with baking paper. Brush the dough with lightly beaten egg. Press an almond or brazil nut on the end that nail. Sprinkle with poppy seeds or black sesame seeds or put dried rosemary in the dough as “hair”. Roll like a small “warts” with the dough and insert them in with eggs. Use tomato puree like blood. Fry until golden brown.

Keep your fingers in the freezer if they are not to be eaten immediately. Or let them dry out completely if you intend to use the more as decoration.

Happy weekend everyone!


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