Festive Father’s Day

Father’s Day is celebrated at different times all over the world – and where I am, the celebration is coming up this Sunday.

For my husband, it will be his first Father’s Day – that’s really something!

Of course, our dads (or our children’s dads) deserve som extra attention on this day – whenever you celebrate it! Here are my suggestions on how to give dad some extra love:

  • A “day off” – let him sleep in, relax with some breakfast in bed, and let him do things he wants to do, but never get around to
  • A “Daddy’s favourite things-bononza” – make his favourite breakfast and dinner, bake his favourite cake, watch his favourite movie/series
  • Let the kids make him a present – that will melt his heart
  • Give him a present HE will love – a selection of beers, tickets to a football game with his favourite team, that book he said he wanted..

If you want to do something really extra, then throw a Father’s Day party! Here, I found som really nice free printables, so you can make it yourself:

I love the festive colours and patterns on these free printables!

How do you usually celebrate Father’s Day?


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