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Stockholm Syndrome

We had such a great time in Stockholm last weekend, so I thought I would share some of it with you:stockholm2

Stockholm really showed its best side with sparkeling winter weather, and a perfect sun!

Grand Hotel Stockholm

Grand Hotel Stockholm

We went for brunch at the Cadier Bar in Grand Hotel – it was a real treat:

A small part of our Saturday Brunch

A small part of our Saturday Brunch

The Cadier Bar

The Cadier Bar

The Cadier Bar

The Cadier Bar

From the Cadier Bar you have a grand view of Stockholm!

After brunch we went to do some shopping at Nordiska Kompaniet. The department store has some of the most beautiful window displayss I have ever seen, and every year it is a new theme. This year it was “A Storybook Christmas”:



Nordiska Kompaniet also has a wonderful Santa Claus, and on Friday we took our daughter to se Santa Claus, for the very first time in her life. Here is this year’s Santa at Nordiska Kompaniet:


We also visited the boutique Svenskt Tenn, which I really recommend. They have so many beautiful and eccentric pieces of furniture, and they’re famous for their use of bold colours and patterns – well worth a visit if you’re in Stockholm.

svenskt tenn

As we were getting ready to go home in the afternoon, the sun was so beautiful, and we went past the enormous Christmas Tree:


Such a Wonderful weekend!

Anyone out there who’s visiting Stockholm?




Married Christmas

We’re back from our little pre-Christmas trip to Stockholm! What a wonderful weekend: perfect weather with sun and snow, and cold temperatures. My husband and I have done some Christmas shopping, and otherwise just been “boyfriend and girlfriend” in a beautifully Christmas decorated Stockholm.

As we walked by one of the beautiful churches in the city, we saw a coulpe getting married – this ispired today’s post about Christmas weddings – so romantic:

christmas wedding2


Using red as one of the colours in your Christmas wedding is almost a given – just remember that a little colour goes a long way!

christmas wedding3


Wonderful save-the-date if you’re sending them out around Christmas time. It can also work well as a Christmas card or thank you card if you got married just before Christmas.

christmas wedding8


christmas wedding7


So romantic – the snow really sets the mood!

christmas wedding4


christmas wedding6


It would be beautiful to take inspiration for the cold outside and bring that into your decorations

christmas wedding9


christmas wedding10


christmas wedding11


A colour palette in silver, white and with some red accents would be gorgeous!


Anyone out there planning a Christmas wedding, or a Winter wedding?


DIY Christmas projects

Finally, my whole family is up and running again. And that’s just in time, since we’re leaving for Stockholm today to visit family for a little pre Christmas get-together and some Christmas shopping! I’m really looking forward to it – Stockholm is such a beautiful city, and also it’s a great place to shop – I recommend it for those of you planning a trip to Scandinavia!

Today, I want to share some quite simple DIY projects with you from this lovely blog – check it out – I get so much inspiration from it!

First, we have the Reindeer gift tag, which you can download here:

DIY reindeer gift tag

Who doesn’t need gift tags these days?

In the same style, you can also make a holiday treat bag:

DIY reindeer treat bag

I think this one’s great! You can use it as a bag for your calendar gifts in you advent calendar, as a “thank you”-bag for your guests after a Christmas party, or as a hostess gift bag if you’re invited to a dinner party with loved ones. Fill the bag with home made cookies (or something else) and this will be a great token of appreciation for your hostess.

And last, but not least is the jumbo gift tag:

DIY reindeer jumbo gift tag

By using this instead of the first gift tag, you have more room for writing if you perhaps want to say more than the standard “to…” and “from…”
Also, the colours are wonderful together, and it’s quite decorative in your Christmas gift.

I hope you’re having a blissful December so far. Enjoy the days leading up to Christmas, the unfortunately fly by so fast!

Feel better soon

Yes. I really hope so! The whole grown up part of our family is down with the flu, but our little princess is (almost) litterally up and running – an exhausting situation. But we’re really enjoying her daily endeavours; she’s learning new things every day!

Well, our current situation inspired this blog post about small gifts you can give to your loved ones when they’re “under the weather” – and, let’s face it; many of us catch a cold or get the flu this time of year, so give them some extra love and attention if that happens:


Feel better soon package sent by mail – how nice it would be to get this delivered to your door?

feel better soon3

A DIY “Feel better soon” package…feel better soon4

…with such a lovely content: how about some chicken noodle soup?

feel better soon5

A crossword/TVguide/Sudoku/candy basket – this would be perfect for me today!!


If there’s anyone else out there with the flu: Feel better soon:)