DIY Christmas projects

Finally, my whole family is up and running again. And that’s just in time, since we’re leaving for Stockholm today to visit family for a little pre Christmas get-together and some Christmas shopping! I’m really looking forward to it – Stockholm is such a beautiful city, and also it’s a great place to shop – I recommend it for those of you planning a trip to Scandinavia!

Today, I want to share some quite simple DIY projects with you from this lovely blog – check it out – I get so much inspiration from it!

First, we have the Reindeer gift tag, which you can download here:

DIY reindeer gift tag

Who doesn’t need gift tags these days?

In the same style, you can also make a holiday treat bag:

DIY reindeer treat bag

I think this one’s great! You can use it as a bag for your calendar gifts in you advent calendar, as a “thank you”-bag for your guests after a Christmas party, or as a hostess gift bag if you’re invited to a dinner party with loved ones. Fill the bag with home made cookies (or something else) and this will be a great token of appreciation for your hostess.

And last, but not least is the jumbo gift tag:

DIY reindeer jumbo gift tag

By using this instead of the first gift tag, you have more room for writing if you perhaps want to say more than the standard “to…” and “from…”
Also, the colours are wonderful together, and it’s quite decorative in your Christmas gift.

I hope you’re having a blissful December so far. Enjoy the days leading up to Christmas, the unfortunately fly by so fast!


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