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A night at the Oscars

In late February it’s time for the 85th Academy Awards to be held. The celebration is GLAMOROUS from start to end. So, what will be better than hosting your very own Oscar party?


Over at everyone’s favourite Hostess, you can download the 2013 labels for free!


Also, here you’ll find all the coordinating labels you need to glam up your party!



I love this party idea! If you make your own “nominee” labels, this party can also work great as a birthday party, or also as a work party, where you’re nominating “employee of the month”, “best sales department” etc.

Who doesn’t love a little glamour in their life!


Midnight Masquerade

I sincerely apopgize for my poor blogging the last week!! And here’s the reason for it: I’m celebrating my 30th birthday (I’ve already turned 30, but hasn’t come around to celebrating before now) together with two of my friends. The theme is Midnight Masquerade, and the big celebration is – tomorrow! So you see – there has been a lot to organize the last couple of weeks!

Here’s some of my inspiration for the party – now I’m excited to see how it turns out!

masquerade party1

My mask! Isn’t it beautiful?

maskerade kjole

My dress! So satisified with this one!

masquerade ball3

Party inspiration – so cool!

masquerade party3

masquerade ball4

Inspiration boards are from Snippet and Ink

I’ll let you know how the party goes!

Anyone out there who’s hosted a masquerade ball before?

Organize you life

I’m addicted to my calendar! And yes, I’m perhaps very old fashioned, because I prefer to use a real calendar – you know – those in paper! At work I use the digital kind, but for my private life, I use the old fashioned kind.

I use it to write down basically everything that the whole family has on the agenda, and I have to tell you, it works great! Now I have visual overview, and that’s a big help for me.

Therefore, I’ve found some free printable calendars for 2013 for you (better late than never!) – and they’re super cute:


This one is my absolute favourite! Every month has its own pattern and colours, and it’s so beautiful! You can find it here!


This one is has wonderful festive colours – it simply makes me happy!


On this calendar, every month has its own saying – of course February has Love as its theme (Valentines Day is only a month away!)


And at last, a calendar with such sweet colours, where every month has its own designed heading.

Print out your favourite, and organize your year!

A warm and sweet Danish wedding

This is a wedding that I’ve had in my inspiration folder since our own wedding.  The style of the wedding actually is not very similar to my own wishes, but it was just so sweet and cozy that I saved them as eye candy!

The gorgeous bride is the authour of the Pretty Chic Blog. Unfortunately, she has stopped blogging, but for the future brides out there, you can still check out her old blog.

danish wedding5

danish wedding4

danish wedding2

danish wedding3

danish wedding12

danish wedding1

danish wedding6

danish wedding9

danish wedding8

danish wedding10

danish wedding7

danish wedding11

danish wedding13

From the Bride…We knew from the beginning that we wanted our wedding to be cozy and intimate, and that it should reflect us as a couple. Planning this wedding forced us into an adventure of really getting to know ourselves, and extracting what was essentially us from the expectations that surrounded us and the traditions that surrounds a wedding. To sum it up in two words, we went for a “cozy elegance”, mixing elements of Danish and the Mediterranean, and keeping a balance between vintage and Scandinavian modern.

We served cake and pink cremant from century old wooden boats, while we sailed down a romantic canal together with our guests. After the boat ride, Thomas and I left to get our portrait pictures taken while our guests drove up to the castle and got ready for dinner. We set up long, narrow tables in 2 long rows so assimilate an Italian family dinner. My parents imported “Brutti e Buoni”, light almond and vanilla cookies which were invented a century ago in the area where I was brought up in Italy.

I love all of their personal details – how about you? Is there anyone out there who’ve visited Denmark. If not – please visit! It’s such a nice country, with the warmest and kindest people!


Breakfast at Tiffany’s Birthday Party

My little princess is 10 months tomorrow! Where did the time go? I’m loving my days at home together with her, and in only one short month I’m going back to work. All day without my baby girl – how will that feel?It will be a new phase in out lives! My baby is growing up! She’s soon turning 1 year, and that must be celebrated. I’m still searching for the theme, and today I stumbled upon the most adorable theme for a little lady:

Breakfast at Tiffany’s! Just look at the wonderful styling – and the super cute birthday girl:)

breakfast at tiffanys1

….and her name is Audrey ( as in Audrey Hepburn) – so sweet!

breakfast at tiffanys3

breakfast at tiffanys2

breakfast at tiffanys4

Love the silver and pink accents, they work so well with the Tiffany blue!

breakfast at tiffanys5

How about those orchids!!

breakfast at tiffanys6


Such a fancy affair!

Are there others out there planning a first birthday party? Have you picked your theme yet?

Gorgeous Green Gate

Happy New Year everyone!
I hope you have had some wonderful days of celebration with your loved ones. I took my little family to celebrate Christmas and New Year with my parents, and we had the best time!

Now our batteries are loaded and ready for 2013!

I just want to show you the wonderful tableware I got for Christmas: The brand is the oh-so-lovely Danish brand Green Gate, and the pattern is called Fay Red. I’m planning on using it for Christmas (just imagine huge brunches with family and friends, with this beauty on the table!), but you can use it all year long!

fay red1

fay red3

fay red2

fay red4

The best thing with Green Gate is that it is made so that different patterns can go together – check out Lina Red as well – it fits like a glove with Fay Red!