Organize you life

I’m addicted to my calendar! And yes, I’m perhaps very old fashioned, because I prefer to use a real calendar – you know – those in paper! At work I use the digital kind, but for my private life, I use the old fashioned kind.

I use it to write down basically everything that the whole family has on the agenda, and I have to tell you, it works great! Now I have visual overview, and that’s a big help for me.

Therefore, I’ve found some free printable calendars for 2013 for you (better late than never!) – and they’re super cute:


This one is my absolute favourite! Every month has its own pattern and colours, and it’s so beautiful! You can find it here!


This one is has wonderful festive colours – it simply makes me happy!


On this calendar, every month has its own saying – of course February has Love as its theme (Valentines Day is only a month away!)


And at last, a calendar with such sweet colours, where every month has its own designed heading.

Print out your favourite, and organize your year!


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