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Little Lamb first birthday party

Yes, these days I’m sort of obsessed with first birthday parties. But my very own little baby girl is turning one – in just a few days. Of course, this will be celebrated in style – and I’ll share the party pictures with you!

But, today I’ll share another party with you – one that I’ve had in my inspiration folder for some time. And this party is so well executed that it makes me want to cry a little (no, not really, or…. yes…actually it does), because I realize that this amount of detail is an enormous undertaking! Perhaps I’ll aim at something a bit simpler for my daughters party, but I’m definately inspired! It’s simply stunning! Here’s the gorgeous Little Lamb party from Half Baked:

first birthday lamb1

I love the colour scheme in the wonderful neutrals. I feel it gives the party a sophisticated feel, while it’s still a child’s birthday


first birthday lamb8

I think it was a great idea to play on the colours that’s in the interior of the house. That way, you get a visual impression that is chic and put together!

first birthday lamb5

Love the wine bottles in their knitted sweaters!

first birthday lamb4

first birthday lamb6

first birthday lamb3

The sweet little lamb is used throughout the theme, together with fluffy, cuddly, and soft materials to really highligt the feel of the party.

first birthday lamb7

first birthday lamb2


What do you think about this birthday party? Did you have a theme for your child’s first celebration?


Country Chic Wedding

This oh-so gorgeous wedding from Ryan Ray is right up my alley – I love the relaxed, yet elegant vibe of the wedding – and those portait photos with the beautiful horses – to die for!


I love the light in these pictures – absolutely perfect!







This ceremony picture is just amazing!



What do you think? Is this the style of YOUR wedding?

Lace Love

I love lace – I truly do! It’s someting about it that feels so sophisticated and refined, and makes me think of vintage! And it’s just so beautiful in weddings! Perhaps no surprise that my own wedding dress was lace and tulle!

For weddings, I’m a fan of siplicity if your going for a theme – don’t go overboard and get tempted to make every last bit of your wedding tied up to a theme. Rather, let the theme be there is a subtile, sophisticated, yet visible way. You and your new spouse, and the love you have for each other are the stars of the evening – not your centerpieces. But a theme that serves its purpose; to make the party come together, and be a perfect celebration of your big day, that’s just the way it should be!

How about making lace your theme? Here’s some inspiration for how this could work:

enzoani farley

The dress of course! Either you can go for a touch of lace, like this dress called Farley from Enzoani…

pronovias berlin

…or a more traditional take on the lace dress: here showed in Berlin from Pronovias

lace wedding1

How about lace evelope liners to state your theme to your guests up front?

lace wedding7

Or lace invitations?

lace wedding4

These lace escort cards are just beautiful!

lace wedding6

For a simpler solution, how about these lace trimmed escort cards? These you can make yourself by using a puncher – it’s really simple! I have one, and I use it all the time – for example when I’m making greeting cards

lace wedding3

As centerpieces, you can have lace decorated candle holders

lace wedding5

And of course a lace decorated cake – either a round shaped one…

lace wedding8

…or a square shaped

lace wedding2

And to finish it off – decorate your dessert table with lace

source lace pictures

Did you have a theme for your wedding! If yes, what was it?

Baby shower for a Winter baby

Do you know anyone who’s having a baby in Winter? How about throwing them a baby shower inspired by the time of year! I was searching for bunny inspired parties for my daughter’s first birthday party (oh yes, she loves bunnies!) and then I came across this “Bundle up Baby” – shower from Hostess with the Mostess. I love the cozy details! It’s perfect for a baby shower!

And the best part – you can make it yourself! Here’s the free printables!

winter baby shower4

I love the song “Baby it’s cold outside” – such a clever catch phrase!

winter baby shower1

winter baby shower3

How about those glitter pacifiers? And the baby booths with the color coordinated button!!

winter baby shower5

It’s such a sweet idea with a wishing tree for guests to write their congratulations. Also, they make perfect keepsakes for the baby!

winter baby shower6

winter baby shower7

A beautiful sweets table…

winter baby shower9

winter baby shower8

winter baby shower10

….and the cocoa stand! Perhaps my favourite thing in the party!

winter baby shower11

winter baby shower12

The guests favours are to die for – bundle up and get cozy! Love it!

I wish I had a pregnant friend to throw this party for! Anyone of you planning to throw a baby shower?

And the Academy Award goes to..

Remember this post, with the gorgeous Oscar’s party free printables? Well, here are some party tips to glamourize your party even more!

I found some more great tips for your Oscar’s party at this wonderful blog:


Popcorn and movie night – a match made in heaven!


Let your guests play dress up, so that their ready for their paparazzi pictures!


Movie props really sets the mood for your Oscar Party


Serve your guests champagne – and dress it up! What’s more glamorous than champagne?!

What’s your favourite “thing” when you’re watching the Oscar’s? Is it the dresses, the speaches, watching the winners?

Mother’s Day free printables

This Sunday, it’s Mother’s Day in Norway – my very first Mother’s Day where I’m a mother myself! That makes the day extra special!

This is the day to show your mother (and grandmother!) just how much she means to you – and to do something special to make her feel loved!

At Cath My Party, I found this super cute collection of free printables for Mother’s Day:

mothers day3

I love the pink and yellow!

mothers day5

On Mother’s Day you really are Queen for a Day!

mothers day4

mothers day2

mothers day1

You can find the entire collection here, so take out you printer and scissors, and throw a Mother’s Day Party!

Let’s celebrate Fastelaven!

This Sunday it’s time for the Fastelaven Celebration. “What’s that?” some of you might think. Well, Fastelaven is celebrated in Norway and Denmark (and also to some extent in Sweden) seven weeks before Easter Sunday, and is traditionally a religious holiday, but today the celebration is less so, and more a time for festivities, especially for children. But, enough about the facts (read more here if you want to learn more about Fastelaven) and let’s concentrate on the beautiful decorations!

Typically, we decorate with branches filled with colourful feathers, and also, it’s tradition to bake sweet rolls, and fill them with whipped cream and jam.

Here’s some Fastelaven inspiration for you:



Here’s an example of a more modern take on the Fastelaven decorations



Traditional decoration for Fastelaven – with the typical bright colours on the feathers



The “Fastelavensbolle” – this version is without the jam inside



A beautiful an “colour coordinated” Fastelaven decoration – so nice!



Here’s one with jam inside – definately my favourite!
My dear husband is from Sweden, and here these sweet rolls are called “semla” – and this is a very typical and traditional Swedish treat which you basically can get all year round in Sweden.

I hope some of you got some Nordic inspiration from this – how about making your very own “semla” and decorate with a “fastelavensris” filled with colourful feathers?!