Baby shower for a Winter baby

Do you know anyone who’s having a baby in Winter? How about throwing them a baby shower inspired by the time of year! I was searching for bunny inspired parties for my daughter’s first birthday party (oh yes, she loves bunnies!) and then I came across this “Bundle up Baby” – shower from Hostess with the Mostess. I love the cozy details! It’s perfect for a baby shower!

And the best part – you can make it yourself! Here’s the free printables!

winter baby shower4

I love the song “Baby it’s cold outside” – such a clever catch phrase!

winter baby shower1

winter baby shower3

How about those glitter pacifiers? And the baby booths with the color coordinated button!!

winter baby shower5

It’s such a sweet idea with a wishing tree for guests to write their congratulations. Also, they make perfect keepsakes for the baby!

winter baby shower6

winter baby shower7

A beautiful sweets table…

winter baby shower9

winter baby shower8

winter baby shower10

….and the cocoa stand! Perhaps my favourite thing in the party!

winter baby shower11

winter baby shower12

The guests favours are to die for – bundle up and get cozy! Love it!

I wish I had a pregnant friend to throw this party for! Anyone of you planning to throw a baby shower?


8 thoughts on “Baby shower for a Winter baby

  1. Britney

    My baby shower is less then two weeks away and I am giving out warm fuzzy socks as my party favor and I LOVE your bundles of joy for your toes sign. Do you have a link to print it? Free printable? I am willing to pay a few dollars for the print if need be.

      1. Britney

        Hi! Thanks for your quick response. I am mainly looking for the sock picture “bundles of joys for your toes” and I don’t see that as an option in the link you sent me.

  2. Britney

    My baby shower is tomorrow and I can’t find the link for the “Bundle of Joys for Your Toes” sign. I am willing to pay but the link you gave me, did not show this sign being available. Please help!

    1. Tickled Pink Post author

      Hi Britney! I’m sorry if the sign was not in the set available for purchase. If it’s not in the set, my guess is it’s a custom made piece for the baby shower, or the shoot. I’m sorry I can’t be of any more help! Best of luck with your baby shower, it sounds wonderful!


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