Lace Love

I love lace – I truly do! It’s someting about it that feels so sophisticated and refined, and makes me think of vintage! And it’s just so beautiful in weddings! Perhaps no surprise that my own wedding dress was lace and tulle!

For weddings, I’m a fan of siplicity if your going for a theme – don’t go overboard and get tempted to make every last bit of your wedding tied up to a theme. Rather, let the theme be there is a subtile, sophisticated, yet visible way. You and your new spouse, and the love you have for each other are the stars of the evening – not your centerpieces. But a theme that serves its purpose; to make the party come together, and be a perfect celebration of your big day, that’s just the way it should be!

How about making lace your theme? Here’s some inspiration for how this could work:

enzoani farley

The dress of course! Either you can go for a touch of lace, like this dress called Farley from Enzoani…

pronovias berlin

…or a more traditional take on the lace dress: here showed in Berlin from Pronovias

lace wedding1

How about lace evelope liners to state your theme to your guests up front?

lace wedding7

Or lace invitations?

lace wedding4

These lace escort cards are just beautiful!

lace wedding6

For a simpler solution, how about these lace trimmed escort cards? These you can make yourself by using a puncher – it’s really simple! I have one, and I use it all the time – for example when I’m making greeting cards

lace wedding3

As centerpieces, you can have lace decorated candle holders

lace wedding5

And of course a lace decorated cake – either a round shaped one…

lace wedding8

…or a square shaped

lace wedding2

And to finish it off – decorate your dessert table with lace

source lace pictures

Did you have a theme for your wedding! If yes, what was it?


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