Decorated Easter Eggs

We’re closing up on Easter, and it’s about time to start planning for your decorations. I remember when my sister and I was younger, we used to decorate Easter eggs together with our mother, and I this that was such a nice tradition! I can’t wait to do this together with my baby girl – although it’s probably a few years into the future.

Today I’m showing some really cool Easter egg decorating inspiration:

First, for those who want a glamorous Easter…

decorated esaster eggs8

decorated esaster eggs3

decorated esaster eggs2

decorated esaster eggs1

Spray paint Easter eggs with metallic colour or with glitter paint. For extra sparkle, wait until paint has dried, then add glue, and roll in glitter.

The colourful eggs are painted in desired colour, and then leaf gold is added.

source: Martha Stewart and Flickr

For the modernist…

decorated esaster eggs11

decorated esaster eggs6

source and source

These decorations are so simple to make! You just draw with a marker directly on the egg! Decorate in whatever pattern you like!

And, last but not least – washi tape decorated eggs…

decorated esaster eggs7


decorated esaster eggs10


Washi tape is purely genious! You can use it for almost anything! Find your favourite pattern, and simply tape it on the egg!

What style is your favourite?


8 thoughts on “Decorated Easter Eggs

    1. Tickled Pink Post author

      Yes, and depending on the degree of difficulty, it can be a great family activity as well. I think the idea of making somewhat “untraditional” Easter eggs are cool – why not match your interior?:)

    1. Tickled Pink Post author

      I absolutely think you should decorate some eggs – why not try a more “grown up style” on your decorating,since your son is not assisting you? I really want to try the eggs with leaf gold!!

      1. Tickled Pink Post author

        Me too! I’m throwing a birthday party for my daughters first birthday, and there’s lots to do! I wish for more hours in the day:)

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