You are more beautiful than you think!

This post is somewhat beside my regular posts, but when I saw this video, it moved me, and I really want to share it.

As a parent, I’m thinking differently about the world: how will my daughter’s life be? How will the world change as she grows up? Will my husband and I be able to teach her the values that we feel are important? My hopes and dreams are that she will be happy, well balanced, confident, strong, kind, and that she feels loved and beautiful!

Did you know that only 4 % of women see themselves as beautiful? We’re way too judgmental of ourselves! Look around you: do you think only 4 % of the women around you are beautiful? No! There’s beauty in everyone!

Let’s go into the weekend with a promise to ourselves: tell yourself your beautiful, at least once every day! And tell the people around you as well! do you like your eyes – accentuate them! Do you like your waist – show it off!

Happy weekend everyone!


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