Celebrating our National Day

Tomorrow is the 17th om May – which is Norway’s National Day! Havent’t been to Norway? Want to see a big parade? Go to Oslo tomorrow! The parade is everywhere in Norway, but the biggest by far is the one in Oslo!17.mai inspiration6

A typical 17th of May for me (and many other Norwegians) is meeting friends and family for an extravagant early breakfast, often with a glass of Champagne. After that we go to  the city center to watch the parade, and in the evening there’s a nice dinner, also with family and friends.

For me, I have strong memories connected to food, especially cake, as part of the National Day celebration.

17.mai inspiration7

A tradition for my family is the Pavlova cake! It’s the perfect fresh cake, and it tastes like summer.

Also, the Norwegian “kransekake” is common:

17.mai inspiration3

…of course decorated with small Norwegian flags.

Typically, almost all cakes and sweets this day, is decorated with red, white and blue, often blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries, together with whipped cream:

17.mai inspiration2

17.mai inspiration5

This year, we’re having guests over, and some of my inspiration for a table decorated in red, white and blue comes here:

17.mai inspiration4

17.mai inspiration

I think I’ll definately try the dipped strawberries, and the obligatory Pavlova cake!

I wish everyone a great 17th of May – remember that the 17th of May Parade is all over the world, I know there’s a big one in Seattle, and also in Sydney!




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