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My Love

Today is our wedding day. It’s been two years of absolute bliss, and I can honestly say I fall more in love with my husband every day. Not every day is a perfect day, but he still makes me feel happiness every single day.

Bršllop Stockholm

He still surprises me with his kindness and positivity, and I love that even though I’m at my least charming, he still calls me his darling.

Bršllop Stockholm

In this short time, our family has gone from two to three, and to see my husband with our daughter makes me feel proud – how happy am I to share my life with them!

Bršllop Stockholm

Bršllop Stockholm

Happy anniversary my darling – I love you!


Photos by Smallpigart


Midsummer Magic

inspiration board midsummer


We’re heading for Summer Solstice, that wonderful day when the sun is at its absolute highest, the night is as bright as the day (at least here in Scandinavia), and Summer is at its most beautiful. Tomorrow is Midsummer Eve which is a pretty important day, at least for Swedes. And since the love of my life is Swedish, I’m more than happy to join him in this wonderful celebration. Also, Midsummer will always have a special place in my heart – we married on Midsummers Day two years ago, and will celebrate our wedding day next week! How time flies by!

At Midsummer, you typically gather with family and friends to raise the May Pole:


You sing and dance, and eat traditional Swedish food like herring and potatoes, and for dessert; strawberries and cake! Everything is beautifully decorated with green leaves, and you make flower wreaths to wear on your head.




At 100 layer cake I found some pictures from a wedding that really gave me that relaxed Midsummer feeling:





I love the thought of using Midsummer as a theme for a Summer wedding. It’s romantic, light and casual! It can of course also work well as a general Summer party theme!


And for all the single ladies out there, I have an extra treat: the legend has it that if you pick seven different types of flowers, and put them under your pillow on Midsummer’s Eve, you will dream about your future husband! Absolutely worth trying if you ask me!

Have a happy Midsummer everyone!

Going to GreenGate

…at least in my mind!

If you still haven’t fallen in love with the Danish brand GreenGate, now is the time to do so! They make tableware and fabric accessories in the most deliciously sweet patterns and colours. Even though we’re just heading into Summer, and Winter is far from our thoughts, I would like to show some images from the GreenGate Winter catalogue that is out just now:


I think the grey, more neutral patterns is wonderful, and it goes great as a Winter pattern on your tableware. Here, you see the patterns Sophie, Star, Nanna and Dora together. And this is why I love GreenGate. They build up their patterns series, so that you can mix and match as you please – how cool is that?!



And here’s an example of some of their cute pastel series:


Also, this relatively new colour series with mauve colours is wonderful:


Makes me this about Fall!

I already have a Christmas china from GreenGate. Unfortunately, this is no longer available, I’m so glad I was able to get a hold of a whole set before it was discontinued; last year I called every store that had the brand, and went around buying bits and pieces to get the complete set! It was definately worth it! Can’t wait to use it this year for Christmas, in our new apartment!


All the details on the Princess Wedding

1200 (21)

I have Princess Wedding hangover today, after spending all afternoon yesterday watching the wedding ceremony between Princess Madeleine of Sweden and mr Chris O’Neill.

The ceremony was simply beautiful; so utterly Swedish all the way through – I got a distinct Midsummer feeling from the wedding ceremony, which was filled with white summer, and especially Lillies of the Valley. Also the use of traditional folk music was strong, which strengthens the Midsummer feeling even more. Even miss (or mrs now…) Madeleine’s dress gave me a summer feeling, and the dress was of course made by Valentino:


The dress surprised me a little, I was perhaps expecting something heavier and more extravagant (don’t get me wrong – a dress made by mr Valentino is pretty extravagant!). The dress felt so light and girly in a way – I really loved it! The skirt had flower embroidery and the top was, in known Valentino style, dressed in lace. She looked stunning!!

In the evening (which was a private party without any press) Madeleine changed into another dress with a strapless top, and a tulle skirt. In the waist she had a satin lace bow. She also wore her hair loose:


The second dress is a dress borrowed from Queen Silvia, who wore it to the Nobel Banquet in 2001. Queen Silvia wore the dress without the satin bow in the waist. The dress is truly a princess dress with pearls all over the top, and thousands of crystals on the skirt! Kudos for Madeleine for using a previously owned dress!


Madeleine and Chris was so sweet towards each other during the day, it really moved me! I saw Chris kissing Madeleine’s hand at several occasions during the day.




The wedding dinner was held in a party tent outside Drottningholm Palace (where the Princess actually was born) near Stockholm. I’v been there twice, and it’s a beautiful place with lovely parks all around. Here, the couple arrive at Drottningholm:

1200 (18)

Here’s a picture from last night:


There’s only a few pictures from last evening, and it’s such a pity, since I’m sure it was a lovely party. I’m so curious about the decorations, which apparently was held in pink and green. I found a picture of the wedding cake, which was 700 giant macaroons – so cool!


Here’s  picture of the happy couple during their first dance! And the song? Mr Bojangles!


Congratulations Madeleine and Chris – I wish you all the best as husband and wife!

Ready for a Swedish Princess Wedding


Finally the day has come! I’m a sucker for weddings in general, and royal weddings in particular, and the last few years there’s been a few – I love it!

But today it’s all about these two lovebirds: Princess Madeleine and Chris O’Neill! Congratulations, today’s your wedding day! And, what a day! The weathers is perfect, and Stockholm’s showing the world what a beautiful city it truly is.


After a dramatic and public breakup with her previous fiancé the Princess has finally found happiness with the English/Austrian/American business man Chris O’Neill, and they look truly happy!

So, miss Madeleine, the question on every woman’s mind is: what does the dress look like??? There’s been speculations that the dress is made by the designer Valentino, but nothing is confirmed, so we have to be patient for a few more hours. What ever she picks, she will look gorgeous! She’s such a natural beauty:





I’ll be back with more posts about the wedding later!

Are you watching the Royal Wedding today?


Construction Party

construction party1

I fell in love with this cooler-than-life party featured on Amy Atlas! Whether it’s for your little one or for Father’s Day (which is coming up soon – check out this post for more tips), it has to be every guy’s dream theme! No pastels, butteflies, glitter or tulle in sight! This is definately a macho theme for a party! I love it!

construction party2

construction party3

Tool cookies – what a great idea!

construction party4

And hard hat cake pops and chocolate dipped yellow macaroons!

construction party5

Love the colours: yellov, red and black really set the tone!

construction party6

I promise this will be a hit for your little guy’s next birthday!!


What are you planning for Father’s Day??

The Great Gatsby party inspiration


My iife have been crazy this last month, but finally I’ve been to the cinema and seen The Great Gatsby, and the movie is just a firework of expressions in the signature Baz Luhrmann way; there’s so much eye candy in both fashion, interior and beautiful people – it’s definately a must see!

Of course, this made me think about throwing a Great Gatsy inspired party, because, let’s face it; who wouldn’t want to party with Jay Gatsby?



At 100 layer cake I found the most wonderful featured wedding with the perfect Gatsby feeling. I think the theme would work great both for a wedding, and a themed birthday party!


Black and gold gives the perfect Gatsby feeling! Also, it feels very glamorous!


I love the Darling hanger!


Beautiful and chic couple!


They did a fantastic job with the details! It feels like you’re in the roaring 20’s!






Again! I love the gold and black details! And what about that dessert table? Just beautiful! Notice the sweet cake topper!

Have you seen the movie? What do you think about it?