Ready for a Swedish Princess Wedding


Finally the day has come! I’m a sucker for weddings in general, and royal weddings in particular, and the last few years there’s been a few – I love it!

But today it’s all about these two lovebirds: Princess Madeleine and Chris O’Neill! Congratulations, today’s your wedding day! And, what a day! The weathers is perfect, and Stockholm’s showing the world what a beautiful city it truly is.


After a dramatic and public breakup with her previous fiancé the Princess has finally found happiness with the English/Austrian/American business man Chris O’Neill, and they look truly happy!

So, miss Madeleine, the question on every woman’s mind is: what does the dress look like??? There’s been speculations that the dress is made by the designer Valentino, but nothing is confirmed, so we have to be patient for a few more hours. What ever she picks, she will look gorgeous! She’s such a natural beauty:





I’ll be back with more posts about the wedding later!

Are you watching the Royal Wedding today?



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