All the details on the Princess Wedding

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I have Princess Wedding hangover today, after spending all afternoon yesterday watching the wedding ceremony between Princess Madeleine of Sweden and mr Chris O’Neill.

The ceremony was simply beautiful; so utterly Swedish all the way through – I got a distinct Midsummer feeling from the wedding ceremony, which was filled with white summer, and especially Lillies of the Valley. Also the use of traditional folk music was strong, which strengthens the Midsummer feeling even more. Even miss (or mrs now…) Madeleine’s dress gave me a summer feeling, and the dress was of course made by Valentino:


The dress surprised me a little, I was perhaps expecting something heavier and more extravagant (don’t get me wrong – a dress made by mr Valentino is pretty extravagant!). The dress felt so light and girly in a way – I really loved it! The skirt had flower embroidery and the top was, in known Valentino style, dressed in lace. She looked stunning!!

In the evening (which was a private party without any press) Madeleine changed into another dress with a strapless top, and a tulle skirt. In the waist she had a satin lace bow. She also wore her hair loose:


The second dress is a dress borrowed from Queen Silvia, who wore it to the Nobel Banquet in 2001. Queen Silvia wore the dress without the satin bow in the waist. The dress is truly a princess dress with pearls all over the top, and thousands of crystals on the skirt! Kudos for Madeleine for using a previously owned dress!


Madeleine and Chris was so sweet towards each other during the day, it really moved me! I saw Chris kissing Madeleine’s hand at several occasions during the day.




The wedding dinner was held in a party tent outside Drottningholm Palace (where the Princess actually was born) near Stockholm. I’v been there twice, and it’s a beautiful place with lovely parks all around. Here, the couple arrive at Drottningholm:

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Here’s a picture from last night:


There’s only a few pictures from last evening, and it’s such a pity, since I’m sure it was a lovely party. I’m so curious about the decorations, which apparently was held in pink and green. I found a picture of the wedding cake, which was 700 giant macaroons – so cool!


Here’s  picture of the happy couple during their first dance! And the song? Mr Bojangles!


Congratulations Madeleine and Chris – I wish you all the best as husband and wife!


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