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DIY Valentines Tree


Still haven’t fully planned your Valentines Day? If you have time for a DIY project – try this one! It’s such a gorgeous project from super talented The House that Lars built, and it is not really that hard to make – I think I’ll make it myself! And, as an added bonus, it resembles the decorations for Fastelavn (which we celebrate here in Scandinavia) so I feel it can double as a decoration for both occasions!

The style of the Valentines Tree is light, whimsical and cool, and I feel it will work just as well for the traditionalist and the modernist.





  • scrapbook paper in pinks, reds, glitters or whatever your heart desires
  • baker’s twine in pink and red
  • clip on birds
  • branches – can be picked outside if possible
  • white spray paint (optional)
  • white pitcher or vase


1.Find the branches you want to use for your tree. The expression you want will highly depend on the type of branch you choose.

2.Gather your bunch of branches and make sure they are of a similar height. You’ll want a bunch of them too so they don’t look to scraggly.

3.Lay the branches out on newspaper and spray them white. Double coat if necessary! Of course, you can choose to keep them natural – this will also look beautiful!

4.Start by clipping the birds on the branches. Make sure they are evenly scattered.

5.Make the hearts with a puncher, or by hand (a lot more work, but it will also turn out great)

6.With your scissors, cut about 1/2″ down from the top of the center of the year. With another heart, cut the bottom center 1/2″ up.

7.With the heart that is cut from the bottom, string a piece of 5″ twine from the bottom and to the top of the heart. Tie it at the top. Leave one section so that it is much longer than the other.

8.Put the two hearts together perpendicularly like a puzzle piece.

9.Make a hook in the twine by knotting it with a little loop.

10.Hang the hearts evenly throughout the branches.




If you make the tree – let me know! I would love to see it!


Mother’s Day free printables

This Sunday, it’s Mother’s Day in Norway – my very first Mother’s Day where I’m a mother myself! That makes the day extra special!

This is the day to show your mother (and grandmother!) just how much she means to you – and to do something special to make her feel loved!

At Cath My Party, I found this super cute collection of free printables for Mother’s Day:

mothers day3

I love the pink and yellow!

mothers day5

On Mother’s Day you really are Queen for a Day!

mothers day4

mothers day2

mothers day1

You can find the entire collection here, so take out you printer and scissors, and throw a Mother’s Day Party!

A night at the Oscars

In late February it’s time for the 85th Academy Awards to be held. The celebration is GLAMOROUS from start to end. So, what will be better than hosting your very own Oscar party?


Over at everyone’s favourite Hostess, you can download the 2013 labels for free!


Also, here you’ll find all the coordinating labels you need to glam up your party!



I love this party idea! If you make your own “nominee” labels, this party can also work great as a birthday party, or also as a work party, where you’re nominating “employee of the month”, “best sales department” etc.

Who doesn’t love a little glamour in their life!

Organize you life

I’m addicted to my calendar! And yes, I’m perhaps very old fashioned, because I prefer to use a real calendar – you know – those in paper! At work I use the digital kind, but for my private life, I use the old fashioned kind.

I use it to write down basically everything that the whole family has on the agenda, and I have to tell you, it works great! Now I have visual overview, and that’s a big help for me.

Therefore, I’ve found some free printable calendars for 2013 for you (better late than never!) – and they’re super cute:


This one is my absolute favourite! Every month has its own pattern and colours, and it’s so beautiful! You can find it here!


This one is has wonderful festive colours – it simply makes me happy!


On this calendar, every month has its own saying – of course February has Love as its theme (Valentines Day is only a month away!)


And at last, a calendar with such sweet colours, where every month has its own designed heading.

Print out your favourite, and organize your year!

DIY Christmas projects

Finally, my whole family is up and running again. And that’s just in time, since we’re leaving for Stockholm today to visit family for a little pre Christmas get-together and some Christmas shopping! I’m really looking forward to it – Stockholm is such a beautiful city, and also it’s a great place to shop – I recommend it for those of you planning a trip to Scandinavia!

Today, I want to share some quite simple DIY projects with you from this lovely blog – check it out – I get so much inspiration from it!

First, we have the Reindeer gift tag, which you can download here:

DIY reindeer gift tag

Who doesn’t need gift tags these days?

In the same style, you can also make a holiday treat bag:

DIY reindeer treat bag

I think this one’s great! You can use it as a bag for your calendar gifts in you advent calendar, as a “thank you”-bag for your guests after a Christmas party, or as a hostess gift bag if you’re invited to a dinner party with loved ones. Fill the bag with home made cookies (or something else) and this will be a great token of appreciation for your hostess.

And last, but not least is the jumbo gift tag:

DIY reindeer jumbo gift tag

By using this instead of the first gift tag, you have more room for writing if you perhaps want to say more than the standard “to…” and “from…”
Also, the colours are wonderful together, and it’s quite decorative in your Christmas gift.

I hope you’re having a blissful December so far. Enjoy the days leading up to Christmas, the unfortunately fly by so fast!

Feel better soon

Yes. I really hope so! The whole grown up part of our family is down with the flu, but our little princess is (almost) litterally up and running – an exhausting situation. But we’re really enjoying her daily endeavours; she’s learning new things every day!

Well, our current situation inspired this blog post about small gifts you can give to your loved ones when they’re “under the weather” – and, let’s face it; many of us catch a cold or get the flu this time of year, so give them some extra love and attention if that happens:


Feel better soon package sent by mail – how nice it would be to get this delivered to your door?

feel better soon3

A DIY “Feel better soon” package…feel better soon4

…with such a lovely content: how about some chicken noodle soup?

feel better soon5

A crossword/TVguide/Sudoku/candy basket – this would be perfect for me today!!


If there’s anyone else out there with the flu: Feel better soon:)

Wall quotes for the nursery

For those of you who follow the blog, you know that I’m searching for inspiration for my daughters nursery (see here and here) in our new apartment.

My latest obsession is wall art for the nursery, and today I want to show you my favourite wall quotes for the nursery. All of the quotes I’ve picked out will be perfect for both a boy or a girl.

All of the quotes can be found on Etsy (I love it!), and most of them you can get as both a wall art and as a wall sticker. Some of them you can also get as a DIY – then you just print it yourself at a photo shop! Here are the quotes:







Which quote is your favourite?