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Be my Valentine


It’s just a few weeks away – the day we each year celebrate with the one (or ones) we love! It can be a boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, mother, father, sister or brother. No matter who it is, be with the ones you love for Valentine’s Day! And this year, we’ve got the added bonus of February 14th being on a Friday – yay!

As the party planning geek I am, I’ve already started gathering some inspiration that I this would look nice for a Valentine’s Day party. I’m picturing a party palette of red, pink and white. Pink softens the red, but red makes it more edgy than just a pink and white palette.

Here are two dessert tables which I really like:



Who can resist this little sweetheart??

I love the red and white striped background in the nect picture – I think it makes a strong and fresh statement! Together with the pink it just works even better!


Here’s another example of stripes in red and white. When this is paired with the more neutral combination of grey and white instead of pink, it’s very elegant.


And let’s not forget the important details:


Send your Valentine a card – I love this one, which also happens to be a free printables, which we love!


Make (or buy!) some sweet treats! Who doesn’t love these little sweeties?


We must not forget the hearts! I love everything chocolate, and if it comes in the shape of a heart, I’d probably love it even more – if possible!


Use hearts as decoration!


Perhaps a little Valentine’s gift?
Use heart decorations on the wrapping!

For more information about the pictures, and even more Valentine’s Day inspiration, visit my board on Pinterest!

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?


Free Easter Printables

Easter is just a few day away, so here at Tickled Pink Style it’s time to show you some Easter free printables! I think there were really beautiful, with a bit of a vintage feel! In lovely spring pastels this will be perfect for a Easter brunch with your loved ones! These free printables come from Libby Lane Press

easter printables2


easter printables3


easter printables4


easter printables5

To download the free printables, click here

What’s your plans for Easter? My family and I am going to visit my parent, and I’m looking so much forward to that!

Mother’s Day free printables

This Sunday, it’s Mother’s Day in Norway – my very first Mother’s Day where I’m a mother myself! That makes the day extra special!

This is the day to show your mother (and grandmother!) just how much she means to you – and to do something special to make her feel loved!

At Cath My Party, I found this super cute collection of free printables for Mother’s Day:

mothers day3

I love the pink and yellow!

mothers day5

On Mother’s Day you really are Queen for a Day!

mothers day4

mothers day2

mothers day1

You can find the entire collection here, so take out you printer and scissors, and throw a Mother’s Day Party!

A night at the Oscars

In late February it’s time for the 85th Academy Awards to be held. The celebration is GLAMOROUS from start to end. So, what will be better than hosting your very own Oscar party?


Over at everyone’s favourite Hostess, you can download the 2013 labels for free!


Also, here you’ll find all the coordinating labels you need to glam up your party!



I love this party idea! If you make your own “nominee” labels, this party can also work great as a birthday party, or also as a work party, where you’re nominating “employee of the month”, “best sales department” etc.

Who doesn’t love a little glamour in their life!

Organize you life

I’m addicted to my calendar! And yes, I’m perhaps very old fashioned, because I prefer to use a real calendar – you know – those in paper! At work I use the digital kind, but for my private life, I use the old fashioned kind.

I use it to write down basically everything that the whole family has on the agenda, and I have to tell you, it works great! Now I have visual overview, and that’s a big help for me.

Therefore, I’ve found some free printable calendars for 2013 for you (better late than never!) – and they’re super cute:


This one is my absolute favourite! Every month has its own pattern and colours, and it’s so beautiful! You can find it here!


This one is has wonderful festive colours – it simply makes me happy!


On this calendar, every month has its own saying – of course February has Love as its theme (Valentines Day is only a month away!)


And at last, a calendar with such sweet colours, where every month has its own designed heading.

Print out your favourite, and organize your year!