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Clean slate

It’s 2014.

A new year. New possibilities. A clean slate.

I don’t have very many new years resolutions for 2014, other than this one:



I will show my family and friends love every day, and I will eliminate things that don’t give my life meaning, and fill the time with things I care about.

Oh…..and I will start blogging again – because I want to, and because I find it exciting.

Happy New Year everyone – hope you’ll visit the blog in the time to come!


Become a kitchen goddess

I´ve quite recently taken an interest in baking. I really love it! I’m not much for cooking – but luckily I’m married to a man with great cooking skills – I’m a lucky girl!

I like the baking because it makes me relax, I get to make yummy things for my family, and I can use my love for aesthetics. And speaking of aesthetics, of course every kitchen goddess need to look the part.

Therefore, today I’m going to show you some of my favorite aprons:

I wanted an apron in true Bree van de Kamp style:


And I found it:


This beautiful and oh so sweet apron is from Flirty Aprons – they have so many wonderful models, check it out!
They also have the sweetest aprons for kids – when my little girls is a bit older, she will get a true copy of my pink apron!

Also, I love this model – it’s sweet, fun and pretty! I see it as perfect for the times you have fancy dinners and have your dress on. If you need to wear an apron, what would be better than this one?




Green Gate, which I’ve already talked about several times, have such sweet nostalgic patterns:



And, look at this sweet model for your little princess:



I bet she would love to help you in the kitchen in this apron!

In Leilas General Store, you’ll also find great aprons for both you and your little one:


Love this vintage pattern!

I recently found Madame Choup, and I adore their products. They almost look like dresses! This on is my favorite:


The cupcake pattern was perfect!

I hope you feel inspired to find the kitchen goddess within!

What1s your favourite apron?






My Love

Today is our wedding day. It’s been two years of absolute bliss, and I can honestly say I fall more in love with my husband every day. Not every day is a perfect day, but he still makes me feel happiness every single day.

Bršllop Stockholm

He still surprises me with his kindness and positivity, and I love that even though I’m at my least charming, he still calls me his darling.

Bršllop Stockholm

In this short time, our family has gone from two to three, and to see my husband with our daughter makes me feel proud – how happy am I to share my life with them!

Bršllop Stockholm

Bršllop Stockholm

Happy anniversary my darling – I love you!


Photos by Smallpigart

Midsummer Magic

inspiration board midsummer


We’re heading for Summer Solstice, that wonderful day when the sun is at its absolute highest, the night is as bright as the day (at least here in Scandinavia), and Summer is at its most beautiful. Tomorrow is Midsummer Eve which is a pretty important day, at least for Swedes. And since the love of my life is Swedish, I’m more than happy to join him in this wonderful celebration. Also, Midsummer will always have a special place in my heart – we married on Midsummers Day two years ago, and will celebrate our wedding day next week! How time flies by!

At Midsummer, you typically gather with family and friends to raise the May Pole:


You sing and dance, and eat traditional Swedish food like herring and potatoes, and for dessert; strawberries and cake! Everything is beautifully decorated with green leaves, and you make flower wreaths to wear on your head.




At 100 layer cake I found some pictures from a wedding that really gave me that relaxed Midsummer feeling:





I love the thought of using Midsummer as a theme for a Summer wedding. It’s romantic, light and casual! It can of course also work well as a general Summer party theme!


And for all the single ladies out there, I have an extra treat: the legend has it that if you pick seven different types of flowers, and put them under your pillow on Midsummer’s Eve, you will dream about your future husband! Absolutely worth trying if you ask me!

Have a happy Midsummer everyone!

Celebrating our National Day

Tomorrow is the 17th om May – which is Norway’s National Day! Havent’t been to Norway? Want to see a big parade? Go to Oslo tomorrow! The parade is everywhere in Norway, but the biggest by far is the one in Oslo!17.mai inspiration6

A typical 17th of May for me (and many other Norwegians) is meeting friends and family for an extravagant early breakfast, often with a glass of Champagne. After that we go to  the city center to watch the parade, and in the evening there’s a nice dinner, also with family and friends.

For me, I have strong memories connected to food, especially cake, as part of the National Day celebration.

17.mai inspiration7

A tradition for my family is the Pavlova cake! It’s the perfect fresh cake, and it tastes like summer.

Also, the Norwegian “kransekake” is common:

17.mai inspiration3

…of course decorated with small Norwegian flags.

Typically, almost all cakes and sweets this day, is decorated with red, white and blue, often blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries, together with whipped cream:

17.mai inspiration2

17.mai inspiration5

This year, we’re having guests over, and some of my inspiration for a table decorated in red, white and blue comes here:

17.mai inspiration4

17.mai inspiration

I think I’ll definately try the dipped strawberries, and the obligatory Pavlova cake!

I wish everyone a great 17th of May – remember that the 17th of May Parade is all over the world, I know there’s a big one in Seattle, and also in Sydney!



You are more beautiful than you think!

This post is somewhat beside my regular posts, but when I saw this video, it moved me, and I really want to share it.

As a parent, I’m thinking differently about the world: how will my daughter’s life be? How will the world change as she grows up? Will my husband and I be able to teach her the values that we feel are important? My hopes and dreams are that she will be happy, well balanced, confident, strong, kind, and that she feels loved and beautiful!

Did you know that only 4 % of women see themselves as beautiful? We’re way too judgmental of ourselves! Look around you: do you think only 4 % of the women around you are beautiful? No! There’s beauty in everyone!

Let’s go into the weekend with a promise to ourselves: tell yourself your beautiful, at least once every day! And tell the people around you as well! do you like your eyes – accentuate them! Do you like your waist – show it off!

Happy weekend everyone!

Midnight Masquerade

I sincerely apopgize for my poor blogging the last week!! And here’s the reason for it: I’m celebrating my 30th birthday (I’ve already turned 30, but hasn’t come around to celebrating before now) together with two of my friends. The theme is Midnight Masquerade, and the big celebration is – tomorrow! So you see – there has been a lot to organize the last couple of weeks!

Here’s some of my inspiration for the party – now I’m excited to see how it turns out!

masquerade party1

My mask! Isn’t it beautiful?

maskerade kjole

My dress! So satisified with this one!

masquerade ball3

Party inspiration – so cool!

masquerade party3

masquerade ball4

Inspiration boards are from Snippet and Ink

I’ll let you know how the party goes!

Anyone out there who’s hosted a masquerade ball before?