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Be my Valentine


It’s just a few weeks away – the day we each year celebrate with the one (or ones) we love! It can be a boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, mother, father, sister or brother. No matter who it is, be with the ones you love for Valentine’s Day! And this year, we’ve got the added bonus of February 14th being on a Friday – yay!

As the party planning geek I am, I’ve already started gathering some inspiration that I this would look nice for a Valentine’s Day party. I’m picturing a party palette of red, pink and white. Pink softens the red, but red makes it more edgy than just a pink and white palette.

Here are two dessert tables which I really like:



Who can resist this little sweetheart??

I love the red and white striped background in the nect picture – I think it makes a strong and fresh statement! Together with the pink it just works even better!


Here’s another example of stripes in red and white. When this is paired with the more neutral combination of grey and white instead of pink, it’s very elegant.


And let’s not forget the important details:


Send your Valentine a card – I love this one, which also happens to be a free printables, which we love!


Make (or buy!) some sweet treats! Who doesn’t love these little sweeties?


We must not forget the hearts! I love everything chocolate, and if it comes in the shape of a heart, I’d probably love it even more – if possible!


Use hearts as decoration!


Perhaps a little Valentine’s gift?
Use heart decorations on the wrapping!

For more information about the pictures, and even more Valentine’s Day inspiration, visit my board on Pinterest!

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?


What does the Fox say?

Oh yes, if you didn’t know before, you definitely know now! By now – the whole word knows what the fox say! If you’ve missed it (where have you been?) – you can see it here:

Of course, as a fellow Norwegian I almost feel a little bit proud of Ylvis for their success even though their song is not on my everyday playlist. However, there is no doubt that their success with the song has been enormous! When I went to New York last month, there was referrals to the song in tv shows, magazine articles, and – the list goes on!

The over-the-nigh success of Ylvis also has influenced the party trends, and I had to smile when I saw the following party from The Hostess with the Mostess some weeks ago! So funny!









Feel inspired to host your own Fox-party?

Download the free printables here!

What are your favourite party ideas?


Midsummer Magic

inspiration board midsummer


We’re heading for Summer Solstice, that wonderful day when the sun is at its absolute highest, the night is as bright as the day (at least here in Scandinavia), and Summer is at its most beautiful. Tomorrow is Midsummer Eve which is a pretty important day, at least for Swedes. And since the love of my life is Swedish, I’m more than happy to join him in this wonderful celebration. Also, Midsummer will always have a special place in my heart – we married on Midsummers Day two years ago, and will celebrate our wedding day next week! How time flies by!

At Midsummer, you typically gather with family and friends to raise the May Pole:


You sing and dance, and eat traditional Swedish food like herring and potatoes, and for dessert; strawberries and cake! Everything is beautifully decorated with green leaves, and you make flower wreaths to wear on your head.




At 100 layer cake I found some pictures from a wedding that really gave me that relaxed Midsummer feeling:





I love the thought of using Midsummer as a theme for a Summer wedding. It’s romantic, light and casual! It can of course also work well as a general Summer party theme!


And for all the single ladies out there, I have an extra treat: the legend has it that if you pick seven different types of flowers, and put them under your pillow on Midsummer’s Eve, you will dream about your future husband! Absolutely worth trying if you ask me!

Have a happy Midsummer everyone!

The Great Gatsby party inspiration


My iife have been crazy this last month, but finally I’ve been to the cinema and seen The Great Gatsby, and the movie is just a firework of expressions in the signature Baz Luhrmann way; there’s so much eye candy in both fashion, interior and beautiful people – it’s definately a must see!

Of course, this made me think about throwing a Great Gatsy inspired party, because, let’s face it; who wouldn’t want to party with Jay Gatsby?



At 100 layer cake I found the most wonderful featured wedding with the perfect Gatsby feeling. I think the theme would work great both for a wedding, and a themed birthday party!


Black and gold gives the perfect Gatsby feeling! Also, it feels very glamorous!


I love the Darling hanger!


Beautiful and chic couple!


They did a fantastic job with the details! It feels like you’re in the roaring 20’s!






Again! I love the gold and black details! And what about that dessert table? Just beautiful! Notice the sweet cake topper!

Have you seen the movie? What do you think about it?

Celebrating our National Day

Tomorrow is the 17th om May – which is Norway’s National Day! Havent’t been to Norway? Want to see a big parade? Go to Oslo tomorrow! The parade is everywhere in Norway, but the biggest by far is the one in Oslo!17.mai inspiration6

A typical 17th of May for me (and many other Norwegians) is meeting friends and family for an extravagant early breakfast, often with a glass of Champagne. After that we go to  the city center to watch the parade, and in the evening there’s a nice dinner, also with family and friends.

For me, I have strong memories connected to food, especially cake, as part of the National Day celebration.

17.mai inspiration7

A tradition for my family is the Pavlova cake! It’s the perfect fresh cake, and it tastes like summer.

Also, the Norwegian “kransekake” is common:

17.mai inspiration3

…of course decorated with small Norwegian flags.

Typically, almost all cakes and sweets this day, is decorated with red, white and blue, often blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries, together with whipped cream:

17.mai inspiration2

17.mai inspiration5

This year, we’re having guests over, and some of my inspiration for a table decorated in red, white and blue comes here:

17.mai inspiration4

17.mai inspiration

I think I’ll definately try the dipped strawberries, and the obligatory Pavlova cake!

I wish everyone a great 17th of May – remember that the 17th of May Parade is all over the world, I know there’s a big one in Seattle, and also in Sydney!



Teacups and Tutus party

I earlier wrote a post about tea parties for adults, and this time I’m showing you the most adorable tea party for your little ones!

Oce again I’ve been inspired by The Hostess with the Mostess, and she featured a party made by The Pear – and it’s just every little girl’s dream come true!

teacups and tutus1


teacups and tutus2

Look at the gorgeous display with the tea cup – gives me such a vintage feeling!


teacups and tutus3

teacups and tutus4

Beautiful display with doilys, apothecary jars, sweets and tea cups!


teacups and tutus5


teacups and tutus6

Mason jars with lemonade – what a great idea! Notice the lace trim!


teacups and tutus7


teacups and tutus8

A tea cup as a thank you gift – of course!


I know I would have loved this party as a little girl – I loved to play ballerina!Which theme parties have you had for your little girl?



Purple and blue wedding inspiration

I’m a big fan of some sort of theme in a wedding – I fell it looks more “put together”. Using theme colours are a great way of doing this. The wedding I’ve found today, from Taylor Lord Photography, has the most beautiful colour combination of purples and blues – perhaps not the most common wedding colour, but it gives a sophisticated and elegant impression:

purple blue wedding14

purple blue wedding4

Aren’t the colours just wonderful??

purple blue wedding13

purple blue wedding3

Love the shot of the gowns together – and love the fact that their not the same, but still go together!

purple blue wedding7

purple blue wedding15

Love the emotion in this picture – you can really see what a special moment this is for the bride and groom!

purple blue wedding8

purple blue wedding16

purple blue wedding12

So much happiness!

purple blue wedding11

The new Mr and Mrs

purple blue wedding10

Look how cute – what a gorgeous colour palette!

purple blue wedding17

Elegant and rustic table – perfect for outside wedding dinners!

purple blue wedding18

Happily ever after!

Did you use coordinated colours in your wedding? Or perhaps you’re planning your wedding now?