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You are more beautiful than you think!

This post is somewhat beside my regular posts, but when I saw this video, it moved me, and I really want to share it.

As a parent, I’m thinking differently about the world: how will my daughter’s life be? How will the world change as she grows up? Will my husband and I be able to teach her the values that we feel are important? My hopes and dreams are that she will be happy, well balanced, confident, strong, kind, and that she feels loved and beautiful!

Did you know that only 4 % of women see themselves as beautiful? We’re way too judgmental of ourselves! Look around you: do you think only 4 % of the women around you are beautiful? No! There’s beauty in everyone!

Let’s go into the weekend with a promise to ourselves: tell yourself your beautiful, at least once every day! And tell the people around you as well! do you like your eyes – accentuate them! Do you like your waist – show it off!

Happy weekend everyone!


Wall decals for your nursery

Right now we’re in the middle of selling our apartment. In late Summer, we’re moving to a new apartment.We’ve already started sending our thing to storage, so our apartment almost doesn’t feel like “home” anymore. Therefore, I’m dreaming about decoration our new home more than ever! Right now, it’s decoration the room of my little baby girl which is occupying my mind. I really want the perfect wall decal for her new room.

Today I’ll show you some of the wonderful finds I’ve done  – there’s just so much pretty decals!

The first three pictures are from My Wonderful Walls on Etsy – check it out!

wall decal3

How about this hot air balloon wall decal? It must be one of the most wonderful ones I’ve seen. I love the vintage feel of it!

wall decal4

If I ever get a son, I’m decorating his room with trains!

wall decal2

Great for both boys and girls!

wall decal9

For those who like a more retro feel to their wall deorations, I recommend this shop!

wall decal10

I love the idea of trees in a nursery! It reminds me of life, nature, and movement! Also, it works for both a little prince and a princess!


I have a fascination for Peter Pan, and would love to use a Peter Pan wall decal. I was so inspired by a picture I found on Pinterest

wall decal peter pan

I would love to try to make something similar!

wall decal5

wall decal8

Here and here are some Peter Pan wall decals if you want to try it!

wall decal1

Last but not least – this was so sweet!

How would you decorate your dream nursery?

Little Lamb first birthday party

Yes, these days I’m sort of obsessed with first birthday parties. But my very own little baby girl is turning one – in just a few days. Of course, this will be celebrated in style – and I’ll share the party pictures with you!

But, today I’ll share another party with you – one that I’ve had in my inspiration folder for some time. And this party is so well executed that it makes me want to cry a little (no, not really, or…. yes…actually it does), because I realize that this amount of detail is an enormous undertaking! Perhaps I’ll aim at something a bit simpler for my daughters party, but I’m definately inspired! It’s simply stunning! Here’s the gorgeous Little Lamb party from Half Baked:

first birthday lamb1

I love the colour scheme in the wonderful neutrals. I feel it gives the party a sophisticated feel, while it’s still a child’s birthday


first birthday lamb8

I think it was a great idea to play on the colours that’s in the interior of the house. That way, you get a visual impression that is chic and put together!

first birthday lamb5

Love the wine bottles in their knitted sweaters!

first birthday lamb4

first birthday lamb6

first birthday lamb3

The sweet little lamb is used throughout the theme, together with fluffy, cuddly, and soft materials to really highligt the feel of the party.

first birthday lamb7

first birthday lamb2


What do you think about this birthday party? Did you have a theme for your child’s first celebration?

Baby shower for a Winter baby

Do you know anyone who’s having a baby in Winter? How about throwing them a baby shower inspired by the time of year! I was searching for bunny inspired parties for my daughter’s first birthday party (oh yes, she loves bunnies!) and then I came across this “Bundle up Baby” – shower from Hostess with the Mostess. I love the cozy details! It’s perfect for a baby shower!

And the best part – you can make it yourself! Here’s the free printables!

winter baby shower4

I love the song “Baby it’s cold outside” – such a clever catch phrase!

winter baby shower1

winter baby shower3

How about those glitter pacifiers? And the baby booths with the color coordinated button!!

winter baby shower5

It’s such a sweet idea with a wishing tree for guests to write their congratulations. Also, they make perfect keepsakes for the baby!

winter baby shower6

winter baby shower7

A beautiful sweets table…

winter baby shower9

winter baby shower8

winter baby shower10

….and the cocoa stand! Perhaps my favourite thing in the party!

winter baby shower11

winter baby shower12

The guests favours are to die for – bundle up and get cozy! Love it!

I wish I had a pregnant friend to throw this party for! Anyone of you planning to throw a baby shower?

Breakfast at Tiffany’s Birthday Party

My little princess is 10 months tomorrow! Where did the time go? I’m loving my days at home together with her, and in only one short month I’m going back to work. All day without my baby girl – how will that feel?It will be a new phase in out lives! My baby is growing up! She’s soon turning 1 year, and that must be celebrated. I’m still searching for the theme, and today I stumbled upon the most adorable theme for a little lady:

Breakfast at Tiffany’s! Just look at the wonderful styling – and the super cute birthday girl:)

breakfast at tiffanys1

….and her name is Audrey ( as in Audrey Hepburn) – so sweet!

breakfast at tiffanys3

breakfast at tiffanys2

breakfast at tiffanys4

Love the silver and pink accents, they work so well with the Tiffany blue!

breakfast at tiffanys5

How about those orchids!!

breakfast at tiffanys6


Such a fancy affair!

Are there others out there planning a first birthday party? Have you picked your theme yet?

Pink glamorous nursery

I’m still searching the web for inspiration for my daugther’s nursery in our new apartment that we’re moving into soon. Today, I stumbled upon this gorgeous nursery. To be honest, it is probably a bit too glamorous for us, but oh so beautiful, with a wonderful colour scheme. This is definately going in my inspiration folder!

I love love love the wallpaper and the flyffy white sheep skin as a rug!

Little treasures that this little princess will probably admire as she gets older

What do you think? Isn’t this just the most glamorous nursery?

Pink nursery inspiration

I have a baby girl. My world is basically pink. And I mean it – everything is pink. But hey, for a pinkaholic like me, it’s a dream come true.

In about 6 months we’re moving to a new apartment, and therefore, I’m gathering inspiration for decoration our new place.

Here are some of my pink dreams for my little princess:

Pretty pink nursery seen on Pinterest from Onto Baby
Twinkle little star picture from Tambocreations
Nursery lamp from pasito a pasito – sooo cute
Paper garlands from ArtsDelight
Bed linens from Lexington Company

Hope you were inspired to check some of them out – they have so many wonderful things it’s hard to choose a favourite!