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Snow Princess Birthday Party

My little princess in born in early Spring, so unfortunately this will not be the theme for her upcoming second birthday. However, I’m completely in love with the styling of this theme, which I saw at Hostess with the Mostess. The colour scheme of white, silver, grey, pink and hints of yellow is perfection,  and the details are just completely magical!

pink-white-winter-princess-dessert-tableLove the tulle table cloth which gives it the light touch



snowflake-princess-dessert-tableHow about that dress?


snow-princess-cake-with-tiara-topperThe perfect cake – such a piece of art!

snow-princess-outfit-and-cupcakesSuch a sweet birthday girl!

Right now I’m searching for a theme to my daughters birthday in March – so looking forward to planning it! Do you have any suggestions for the theme??


Teacups and Tutus party

I earlier wrote a post about tea parties for adults, and this time I’m showing you the most adorable tea party for your little ones!

Oce again I’ve been inspired by The Hostess with the Mostess, and she featured a party made by The Pear – and it’s just every little girl’s dream come true!

teacups and tutus1


teacups and tutus2

Look at the gorgeous display with the tea cup – gives me such a vintage feeling!


teacups and tutus3

teacups and tutus4

Beautiful display with doilys, apothecary jars, sweets and tea cups!


teacups and tutus5


teacups and tutus6

Mason jars with lemonade – what a great idea! Notice the lace trim!


teacups and tutus7


teacups and tutus8

A tea cup as a thank you gift – of course!


I know I would have loved this party as a little girl – I loved to play ballerina!Which theme parties have you had for your little girl?



Tickled Pink for Pinterest

It’s official! I’m probably the last person in the world to discover the allure of Pinterest! But now I’ve finally started pinning!


And now  I’m hooked! Too bad I didn’t use Pinterest when we got married – it would be the perfect way to organize all of my wedding inspiration.

I’m updating my Pinterest account basically every day, so check out my Pinterest account for even more weddings, party inspiration, and basically everything I love! You can also use the link on the right side here on the blog!

And please give me your best Pinterest tips – who do YOU follow?

Here are some of my favourites from last week:

1: Cute pastel Easter cake pops! Wouldn’t this be gorgeous on the dessert table for your Easter Brunch?

2: The most excited and cute Flower Girl with the sweetest sign!

3: Baking birthday party! This would be so cool for kids aged 5-8?

4: What a lovely idea for a first birthday!

5: Rocking horse cakes! So sweet! Would be great for both a baby shower, a sip and see, and a first birthday

A night at the Oscars

In late February it’s time for the 85th Academy Awards to be held. The celebration is GLAMOROUS from start to end. So, what will be better than hosting your very own Oscar party?


Over at everyone’s favourite Hostess, you can download the 2013 labels for free!


Also, here you’ll find all the coordinating labels you need to glam up your party!



I love this party idea! If you make your own “nominee” labels, this party can also work great as a birthday party, or also as a work party, where you’re nominating “employee of the month”, “best sales department” etc.

Who doesn’t love a little glamour in their life!

Host an Oktoberfest inspired party

Oktoberfest is held in Munich, Germany, every year from late September to the beginning of October. Therefore, I’ve been searching around for inspiration for those wanting to host their own, slightly smaller version (with its over 6 million visitors, it’s the world’s largest festival).

Oktoberfest – or alternatively – a beer tasting party, can be a great theme for your husband’s or boyfriend’s birthday, or perhaps also for a bachelor party.

A beer tasting party is a more affordable alternative to wine tasting, and can be organized quite easily;

  • decide what kind of beer tasting party you want: do you want to concentrate on a country, or a type of beer? How about having a German theme to your beer tasting in honour of Oktoberfest,  if you’re planning it in the near future?
  • organize them into smaller groups, and present them to your guests, on at a time
  • make a beer rating chart, where your guests can take notes, and rate each beer type
  • as snacks, serve simple, but tasty treats. To wow your guests, you can use beer in your cooking as well, get some ideas here. If you follow up with the German theme, how about serving pretzels and German susages in small dishes?

Now, over to the party decoration!

paper & cake have made some cool decorations for a beer tasting,. I think the colours are fresh and edgy. Take some inspiration from the pictures, or shop the printable templates at paper & cake!

Love the cupcakes!

Easy salty snacks – always a hit together with beer!

Have you ever visited Oktoberfest, or been to a beer tasting party?