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DIY Christmas projects

Finally, my whole family is up and running again. And that’s just in time, since we’re leaving for Stockholm today to visit family for a little pre Christmas get-together and some Christmas shopping! I’m really looking forward to it – Stockholm is such a beautiful city, and also it’s a great place to shop – I recommend it for those of you planning a trip to Scandinavia!

Today, I want to share some quite simple DIY projects with you from this lovely blog – check it out – I get so much inspiration from it!

First, we have the Reindeer gift tag, which you can download here:

DIY reindeer gift tag

Who doesn’t need gift tags these days?

In the same style, you can also make a holiday treat bag:

DIY reindeer treat bag

I think this one’s great! You can use it as a bag for your calendar gifts in you advent calendar, as a “thank you”-bag for your guests after a Christmas party, or as a hostess gift bag if you’re invited to a dinner party with loved ones. Fill the bag with home made cookies (or something else) and this will be a great token of appreciation for your hostess.

And last, but not least is the jumbo gift tag:

DIY reindeer jumbo gift tag

By using this instead of the first gift tag, you have more room for writing if you perhaps want to say more than the standard “to…” and “from…”
Also, the colours are wonderful together, and it’s quite decorative in your Christmas gift.

I hope you’re having a blissful December so far. Enjoy the days leading up to Christmas, the unfortunately fly by so fast!


Wall quotes for the nursery

For those of you who follow the blog, you know that I’m searching for inspiration for my daughters nursery (see here and here) in our new apartment.

My latest obsession is wall art for the nursery, and today I want to show you my favourite wall quotes for the nursery. All of the quotes I’ve picked out will be perfect for both a boy or a girl.

All of the quotes can be found on Etsy (I love it!), and most of them you can get as both a wall art and as a wall sticker. Some of them you can also get as a DIY – then you just print it yourself at a photo shop! Here are the quotes:







Which quote is your favourite?


Advent calendar made with love

I Love Christmas! It’s my favourite holiday! There’s so much emotion tied up in all the Christmas traditions.

This year is special, since it’s my first Christmas as a mom! My daughter is still too young to understand anything, but it’s still very important for me that her experience is magical – it’s her very first Christmas, and she will never ever get a new first Christmas, so my husband and I am planning and thinking about what traditions we want to create for our family, and what traditions we’re continuing from our own childhood.

A tradition we’ve had in my very own little family (when it was still just my husband and I) is making home made advent calendars with a small gift every day. I love making this for my husband, and every year I try to do something different. Therefore, I’ve gathered a few ideas here – and I hope you get some inspiration too:

picture from this blog

you can find this advent calendar here

you can find this here

from this lovely blog, check it out!

also from here

Now, I’m off to make my own advent calendar – anyone else making one?

Give thanks

Today, it’s Halloween – hope everyone is dressed in their most scary outfit, and ready to do some “trick or treat”-ing!

As the entertaining junkie that I am, this day marks the starting signal for planning the next holiday: Thanksgiving!

Here, I found the most beautiful and rustic free printables which are perfect for you who’s planning on hosting a Thanksgiving dinner. But also, some parts of the collection is suitable as simple notes to someone special to you, whom you might want to give some special thanks to during this lovely holiday It’s also perfect as a label on a hostess gift, if you’re invited to dinner, and some parts can also be used for other dinner parties than Thanksgiving.

Very nice and rustic font used for the collection!

Let your guests know what they eat – this part of the collection can easily be used for other types of dinner parties as well!


A small token of appreciation for your guests

Such a sweet note – perfect for those special people in your life!

If you like what you see, go to the TomKat Studio and follow the instructions, and the collection will be sent to your email!

Recipe greeting card DIY

My attraction to Autumn continues!

Yesterday I found the sweetest recipe greeting cards, which you very easily can make yourself, with the greeting and a lovely art print on one side, and a autumn inspired recipe on the other side. Isn’t that cute?

Choose between cards saying Happy B-day with a recipe for pumpkin cheesecake, Thank You with a recipe for upside down cake, or Congrats with a recipe for rustic apple tart.

Click on the link for your favourite card (or take all three!) download the file, and print out on your printer – it works best to use a bit thicker paper, or card board.

Now, find any excuse to send these to your loved ones for a little Autumn love!


Craft projects for Fall

Have I mentioned I love Fall? Of course I have, several times! But, what’s not to love? Beautiful colours, crisp air, darker evenings that gives us a chance to cozy up with a cup of tea and a good book! And, why not take advantage of these cozy evenings and start some simple craft projects?

Here, I found this cute subway art, that can be used in many different ways:

To get your house ready for Fall, perhaps this subway art gets a place in your home?

Show a friend or family member som extra attention, and send them a nice Fall card. Everyone loves getting some love in the mail!

Take som home made candy (or, buy it from the store!), and give as a hostess gift the next time you’re invited to dinner

Make your gifts Fall ready by easily printing and gluing the print to a simple gift bag. Decorate with a satin bow, and you have a small piece of art!

Let’s jam

Let us enjoy this time of year, with all the wonderful possibilities it gives us! One of my fondest childhood memories is picking plums, apples, and different types of berries from my grandmother’s garden, and then making jam and juice together in her kitchen.

Over at Eat Drink Chic, I saw this wonderful and charming DIY project, where you can make your own lables for your home made jam:

Aren’t they wonderful?

Jars of homemade jam also works great as a hostess gift when your invited to dinner parties, or just as a gift to a good friend. For those getting married in the fall, this would be a great party favor for your guests. Read more about inspiration for a fall wedding here

Anyone out there who is planning to make some homemade jam this fall?