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Try something new for Fastelavn



Picture borrowed from here

Swedes love their traditional pastries, and no pastry is as Swedish as the Semla. The classic Semla consists of a cardamom-spiced wheat bun where the top has been cut off, The inside of the bun is filled with almond paste and topped with whipped cream. The cut-off top serves as a lid, and to top it off the bun is dusted with powdered sugar.

Here is a classic Semla

As you might imagine, this is not a very “on the go”-friendly pastry, and therefore the famous Mathias Ljungberg at Tösse bakery in Stockholm has reinvented it – creating the Semel Wrap! This is essentially the same ingredients, but made into a wrap instead of a bun. It’s new, fresh, modern, and practical on the go! After lauching the Semel Wrap its popularity has been crazy, and they make them in the thousands! Still, there is a line constantly at Tösse bakery with people wanting to taste the new Semel Wrap.


Picture borrowed from here

For those of my readers not located in Stockholm, you can try making it yourself! Here is the recipe!

This Sunday we celebrate Fastelavn, and my husband and I will try making the Semel Wrap – I’m excited!

Do you celebrate Fastelavn? What is your traditions?


Let’s celebrate Fastelaven!

This Sunday it’s time for the Fastelaven Celebration. “What’s that?” some of you might think. Well, Fastelaven is celebrated in Norway and Denmark (and also to some extent in Sweden) seven weeks before Easter Sunday, and is traditionally a religious holiday, but today the celebration is less so, and more a time for festivities, especially for children. But, enough about the facts (read more here if you want to learn more about Fastelaven) and let’s concentrate on the beautiful decorations!

Typically, we decorate with branches filled with colourful feathers, and also, it’s tradition to bake sweet rolls, and fill them with whipped cream and jam.

Here’s some Fastelaven inspiration for you:



Here’s an example of a more modern take on the Fastelaven decorations



Traditional decoration for Fastelaven – with the typical bright colours on the feathers



The “Fastelavensbolle” – this version is without the jam inside



A beautiful an “colour coordinated” Fastelaven decoration – so nice!



Here’s one with jam inside – definately my favourite!
My dear husband is from Sweden, and here these sweet rolls are called “semla” – and this is a very typical and traditional Swedish treat which you basically can get all year round in Sweden.

I hope some of you got some Nordic inspiration from this – how about making your very own “semla” and decorate with a “fastelavensris” filled with colourful feathers?!